Thursday, September 20, 2012

As Promised....

I told you yesterday that I would be adding my newest project piece today. So, without further ado, here it is.........

I spent 7 hours today to get the top, and the 3 drawer fronts stripped. My hand is killing me!!! I used an entire can of paint stripper, a scraper, and about 30 sheets of sandpaper. That was a lot more work than I expected. I still have the sides and legs to strip. The drawers are going to need some makeover as the bottoms are pulled away from the frame - I'll have to reinforce them by possibly rebuilding them. I'm going to try some glue and nails first to see if it's enough. These need to be strong for what I have in mind. As for the color scheme, it presented itself to me after I was done sanding for the day. Any ideas on what it's going to be???

I just love this piece. I especially liked the molding, legs and wheels on the bottom:

I promise I'll post pictures this time of what the sanded unit looks like - tomorrow. Have a great night.

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