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So in order to prove to you that I couldn't possibly pick a favorite medium, and therefore the Title "Mixed Up" Media Artist, I offer you a gallery of some of thw projects that I've created over the last couple of years. I hope you like it. My love for art and creating began when I was between 6-8 years old.  Keep in mind I never, ever stop creating. I never will.

 A collage for my sister

 Baby food jars covered in polymer clay

 Sterling silver wire necklace

 A vintage suitcase/train case painted in lillies and lotus flowers

 My own crochet pattern for a slouchy beret (My best seller on etsy!)

 A crocheted Colorado Avalanche set for my new grandchild (didn't know "he" would turn out to be a "she"!)

 Leather bracelets made with flattened pennies

 A scrapbook made from lunch bags (tutorial here:

 I took up sewing last year - this is one of my first projects - A circle skirt!

Crocheted handbags made from t-shirt yarn

 A leather case I made for my Kindle with Lillies embossed

 My favorite collage - "The Birds and The Bee"

 Wooden Halloween cutouts - I LOVE my power tools!

 My photography - I adore sunflowers!

And this year I embarked on a new venture of turning authentic military uniforms into a line of bags and accessories - 

And I love baking and decorating artistic cakes and cookies!

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