Thursday, August 2, 2012

In the beginning there was....paint

Thank Heavens for paint!

My cousin called me last week to surprise me with the wonderful news that she's coming to visit me - it's been 25 years since I've seen her. I was looking around the room I had available (currently being occupied by my granddaughter) and thought "What a mess! No rhyme or reason - I think it's time to upgrade to my dream room!" So out came the paint. 

A shoji screen mural is something I thought was required to make "my" room spa/zen-like. I didn't think it would take an entire day and a half to complete though. But I have to admit that I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. (this is the same corner of the room you saw in the picture above)

The entire room needed a nice paint. It was originally a light lavender from the previous owner - 6 years ago.....  even the ceiling.  

This was the corner of the old room by the closet.... not much to say except yuk..

The corner after the mural was painted

And here is the "nearly"completed room - my "Zenspa" Room - catchy, huh? Still have a few accessories to add.

My $10 craiglist dresser with some little odds and ends I found at Goodwill and other things I had - all tucked in the right corner of the room.....

A different angle.....

This last picture was added today, August 15, 2012. I just finished making this Orchid branch using a tutorial I found online There's actually a 7th flower but it's not in the picture - but you get the idea. This is the Computer wall so I'll be looking at these everyday!

The black platform bed was only $95 at Target and I found the perfect black 3-drawer dresser on craigslist for $10! I bought "stick" roll up blinds from Lowes, and bamboo poles at World Market ($20/3) of which I used one as a curtain rod for the natural colored curtains from IKEA ($20 for the pair). I also found the perfect sized nightstand at IKEA and got this great bargain on carpeting for the room at Lowes (The had a 13'x12' remnant JUST cut off the roll that they gave to me for less than half price ($65)! The new fan from Loews was $79 (the blades are brown with black edging - perfect!) The "bed in a bag" is from Walmart ($35), mattress $60 courtesy of craigslist.  We bought way more paint than I needed ($36) but I'm going to use the remaining blue on a nightstand remodel I have going. We also had some in the garage that I used to save some money. All in all, the makeover of this room cost roughly $500 (using a lot of things I already had). I finally have my very own room - and it only took 52 years to get it! I still need another pillow and to hem the curtains. I bought some wood to make a headboard but that will have to wait until my cousin is gone.  I'm thinking of adding some handpainted words on the walls - some clever Buddha saying or "Namaste" or something. But for the most part this room is complete.  Hope you enjoyed this......

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